Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The Left Hand Path of Odin

For some time now I have seen the need for a blog which addresses the Left Hand Path from an Indo-European and an Odinic perspective. Odin is the Great Initiator of the Germanic peoples. He embodies within Himself the concepts of light and darkness (some would say 'good' and 'evil'). He thus is a God of balance but a God who seeks out the great mysteries for His own Self advancement and of those of His followers. As Dr Stephen Edred Flowers puts it:

"In the ancient Germanic tradition, Odin is both the lord of light and the prince of darkness." (Lords of the Left-Hand Path. Forbidden Practices & Spiritual Heresies)

The sinister nature of Odin is reflected in the fact that His name has been suppressed in the name of the 4th day of the week, Wednesday (Woden's day) in the German-speaking lands, being substituted for the sickly term Mittwoch (midweek). Clearly the Christian church feared this deity more than any other, particularly because of His sinister nature. 'Sinister' is derived from the Latin word sinister via the Old French sinistre, meaning 'left'.

The Left Hand Path is both antinomian, ie perceived as being contrary to cultural norms or even laws and a means of the deification of the Self. When one considers the accounts of Odin's wanderings on Midgarth from the Eddas one can see that He is a God who is concerned with acquiring wisdom and knowledge and as part of this activity He engages from time to time in behaviours that may be described as reprehensible to the Christian mind or the Christian conditioned mind. It is both unfortunate and inevitable that the majority of people of European ancestry are conditioned by centuries of Christian indoctrination even if they have abandoned any outward adherence to this belief system. It is a cancer which is still present in the minds of our peoples and it can only be eradicated by practices which may be associated with the Left Hand Path which will be discussed in forthcoming articles on this blog.

The Christian mind set can even be encountered amongst people who adhere to Germanic heathenry, exhibiting the same petty moralisms that can be found in Christian churches. They may no longer adhere to the outward practice of Christianity but they struggle to escape from its psychological stranglehold. One can see this in the way in which Loki (who I consider to be a hypostasis of Odin) has become a substitute 'devil' for many heathens, still trapped in the dualistic thinking of the Abrahamic religions which can also be found in in the Indo-European religion of Zoroastrianism which undoubtedly constributed to the development of Christianity.

Germanic heathens even go so far as to deny the divine origins of Loki via his mother Laufey, also called Nal. They instead focus on his giant origins via his father Farbauti who is said to be a giant of some form. The subject of Loki's ancestry is an interesting one and is a subject which will be explored further on this blog. By focusing on Loki's giant ancestry they ignore the giant ancestry of the Aesir and of Odin Himself for in the post-christian neo-heathen mindset giant =evil, although 'evil' is not a concept that would have been a feature of the spiritual and religious outlook of our ancestors. Everything has to be black and white: there are no shades of gray. This blog will attempt to address this issue!

Readers are invited to contact me via my email address or comment facilty. Comments will be moderated and clearly those that disclose personal information such as contact details will not be made public if they are purely for my use. It is hoped that this blog will attract like-minded readers with the intention of forming a Left Hand Path Odinic Order which will be open to any man or woman over 18 years of age. Membership of this Order does not require the relinquishment of membership of any other religious or magical Order and I see no reason why people should not continue to be active members of other organisations.

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  1. Heilsa Kin, I've been seeking someplace to turn to for a many a moon. I'm a LHP Odinist even though some detest me for it I'm going to follow Odhinn truly and fully. I'd like to know if it would be possible to keep in contact on you're Blog? I go by the name Ragnar Othinsson. I stand true to DerSonnderkinder.So if you don't mind please do assist me it showing or pointing me within the right direction the advance myself.